Duplicate Connectors and mass Edit connectors

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Especially when we need to create n connectors from the same database and schema, it would be ideal to be able to duplicate the connector and then just change the sql query.

when building connectors against databases that have many tables, it can take a while for the connector to finish discovering all the possible values. or worse, when the connecter UI forces you to select a value from a dropdown instead of typing the value in, if your table is at the later end of the alphabet, this can be particularly frustrating

An additional frustration is if you're trying to switch between a version of a connector to a different implementation (ex. Postgresql vs Postgresql_unloadv2 + partitioning).

It would be ideal if connectors could be gathered under some sort of umbrella and key configuration criteria could be updated en-masse. ex execution time, a LIMIT clause, the account used to authenticate, the connector type etc.

For one of my projects my team had to set up 30 Snowflake connectors.

Then modify QUERY with a LIMIT 1000 clause.

Then modify with a LIMIT 50000 clause.

Then change to using Partitions.

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