Tags should be pervasive across all Domo Objects (and influence search results)


You can Tag a Dataset

You can Tag a Dataflow

You should be able to Tag Domo Jupyter Notebooks, Dashboards, Cards, Goals and virtually any entity in Domo.

At my organization we are trying to align KPIs with Cards and Dashboards and Datasets and Data Science workflows, having one consistent library of tags across all Domo Entities would allow us to see how things are related.

ex. "Find me all stuff related to or part of calculating customer attribution"

even being able to tag people as being part of that "customer attribution" model would be beneficial when i'm looking for a SME. (the owner of the dashboard may not be the person who has in depth knowledge about a topic, especially if you're using service accounts).

if Domo's search engine was aware of tagging, how easy would it be to find all the assets related to the "sales-engineering-dashboard"

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  • I just had this discussion with my team in an attempt to use tags for governance and discoverability. if we could tag all objects, this would create a cohesive centralization solution. i wish I could vote it up a hundred more times