Maintain Card Links In Sandbox to Production Promotions


We would like (how you maintain card links in Sandbox) to be altered to reduce configuration restrictions allowing for better functionality. 

Current Functionality:

Sandbox currently will only maintain linked cards (Move/Copy function in Domo used to create card) if they are in the same repository. Currently the customer has the same card on different dashboards for different departments that the manage the cards in separate repositories.

Requested Change;

We would like to be able to have 2 linked cards maintain their link when transported via Sandbox in separate repositories. See Engineering details of the original problem in JIRA Ticket: DOMO-349522. When pushing to production instance, linked cards in sandbox should be linked cards in production.

Notes on the requested change: We’ve got a large number of repositories, which we have separated depending on the business purpose/question. We believe this should be a functionality within sandbox, as it’s common to have one card appear on multiple dashboards, which in turn means multiple repositories. 

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