Disabling Announcement Pop Up on Selected Instance

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We currently use full platform embed (Domo Everywhere) for each of our clients where they access Domo through our own client portal, however it would be great when announcement popups in-platform do not show up on our client instances as they would send a confusing message / communications to our clients since they won't be able to distinguish between Domo or our own portal platform.

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Under Admin->Custom Roles you can toggle that for Admins. Section: Company administration Item: Receive Domo System Messages Description: Receive Domo system messages about maintenance and feature updates. Ensure at least one Admin receives these messages.


  • creed
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    Hi @EdgarChieng247 thanks for submitting this idea. Have you tried reaching out to Domo Support to see if these notifications can be disabled in your particular instance? I know some can be disabled but I'm not sure about the maintenance updates.



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