Fiscal calendar - select like other date-related filters, bulk enable on cards, apply to beast modes

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We want to use custom fiscal calendars in our subscriber instances, so our customers can have their fiscal calendars. However, a few limitations of the fiscal calendar in its current form will prevent this from being useful for our published content.

  1. We want users to be able to choose if they want to view a visualization by fiscal or calendar year without needing to go into Analyzer and modify the card. I think the fiscal or calendar year selection should be in the same place where an end-user can change the date range of the card on the fly.
  2. We must enable the fiscal calendar on a card-by-card basis. If we did implement this for our published content, we would need to change over 1,000 cards individually.
  3. Finally, the beast mode limitations related to fiscal calendars are an issue for us. I upvoted the Fiscal calendar should apply to beast modes idea to cover this need.

So, to summarize items 1 and 2, we'd like to have the ability to enable the fiscal calendar across cards in bulk. Once enabled, consumers of the card that do not have Edit permissions would be able to interact with a fiscal/standard calendar selector just as they can with other date range filters.

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Thanks for sharing your idea! We're currently reviewing it for future enhancements. Stay tuned for updates! 👍