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Our organization uses Domo Everywhere platform embed into our clients' portal, being the only way for our clients to actually access their instances. Therefore there is no need for the client to receive any email notifications from their Domo instances for any activities such as page sharing, scheduled reports, alerts etc as these email notifications will inherently have deep links in the email content (via buttons, charts or hyperlink text) which takes the user directly to their instance as opposed to via the right channel which is the client portal.

Is there a way to permanently disable email for the following scenario:

1) Page/Card Sharing - Can only share to an existing users in the instance with no email notification option

2) Schedule Reports - Users can receive the reports as an email content but no deeplinking to the page url of the instance

3) Alerts - Received alerts via email and again no deep linking to the card url in the instance

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  • Ken_Boyer
    Ken_Boyer Domo Product Manager

    We have two master switches that can be applied: no alerts & no emails. Have you tried those? We are working on Instance Templates that will give you more granular control over an instance when it is provisioned, I can add this to the list of attributes that can be toggled.

    Ken Boyer

    GPM, Domo Everywhere + Labs