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Hello Domo Product Team,

Recently a Domo customer reached out to me to highlight some key concerns with the Domo Mobile app running on Android devices, in addition to some enhancement ideas:

Concern: "I have had multiple instances where our users of Android devices are experiencing inconsistent behavior with cards and pages. This latest reported ticket is a case where the card updates for the summary number with the correct period of measurement, yet the data does not reflect or reflects incorrectly. Recently, following an update, Domo pages on our Android devices were flickering/flashing.

It seems as though the development and testing of the Android apps is not the same priority of iPhone as I never hear from iphone users.

Could you maybe express the concern to get some more emphasis on the Android side of things?"

(Customer is running on version within 1 year or less of current)

Enhancement Request (Product Feedback) #1: "While we’re on the subject, I’d like to be able to identify our user’s devices - to capture more accurate details of devices and OS in the activity log, that would be great."

Enhancement Request (Product Feedback) #2: "We recently set up security timeouts for our mobile apps - as a precaution against employees who are offboarded and no longer a valid user. The mobile app login is a lengthy, tedious, three-step process to begin with. It would be great to be able to have a least our company name field pre-populated/remembered - especially for those who check the 'Remember' box."

Please report back that this has been received/acknowledged so I can alert customer.

Thank you much!


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