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Allow scheduled reports to attach the data in excel format rather than csv. CSV files don't keep special characters in the data, so accented characters are messed up in the CSV.

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  • My customers are also requesting Excel be available for scheduled report attachments. We have the same problem with special characters in CSV.

  • Moose
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    Bumping this again as pivot tables lose their formatting as well when sent as .csv in scheduled reporting attachments.

  • JerryB
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    We need the option to send scheduled reports in Excel format (rather than CSV) in order to maintain formatted header rows and conditional formatting within the data table.

  • DashboardDude
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    Hi @mberkeley, @spodnar, @Moose, @JerryB.

    So if you want to send datasets as excel files, you could use this push connector:

    HOWEVER, it's just a dataset that is pushed into someone's sFTP. Sounds like you all just want an attachment as excel and not a csv which I don't think is possible at the moment. Regardless if you sent an excel or csv from domo, you would lose conditional formatting unfortunately.

    One other trick is to allow your clients to use the excel add in where they can select a dataset and just download that into their excel. I have an article on that here:

    I know, not the right answers you want to hear, but trying to give you something to work with.

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  • KimC
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    This is needed for data accuracy. My company has data with special symbols, non-English language characters, and numbers with leading zeroes. All are stripped when a report consumer opens the csv format attachment on Domo scheduled reports. I'm curious why this is such a big challenge for an innovative organization like Domo?

  • Thanks for this feedback, this has been implemented in Pivot and Mega tables where formatting is kept when exporting to Excel.