Filtering on Null Values

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I have seen this question/idea opened and closed several times but I will submit again that a user being able to include or not include null values with a simple filter is important. I understand the ETL and beastmode workarounds but it is not scalable to have every request run through a limited data team just to find out which orders do not have an optional shipped date.

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    @chris_schenk can you give me a specific example of where this null filter is not working? Are you taking about a cross card interaction filter based on a slicer? Could saved filter views potentially help here?

  • For example: I have a chart that shows order volume by sales channel (channel is in the series). I want to filter the channel by only those orders missing sales channel. If I select "Include" the blank values only, there is no data returned. If I select "exclude" and choose all of the other values, I receive the same result.

    I can see that there are a lot of orders without a channel but cannot filter for these without creating a beastmode. I have seen this with string, date, and numeric values. The easiest way to reproduce this is by using the "selection" filter instead of the "range" filter