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I have seen this question/idea opened and closed several times but I will submit again that a user being able to include or not include null values with a simple filter is important. I understand the ETL and beastmode workarounds but it is not scalable to have every request run through a limited data team just to find out which orders do not have an optional shipped date.

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    @chris_schenk can you give me a specific example of where this null filter is not working? Are you taking about a cross card interaction filter based on a slicer? Could saved filter views potentially help here?

  • chris_schenk

    For example: I have a chart that shows order volume by sales channel (channel is in the series). I want to filter the channel by only those orders missing sales channel. If I select "Include" the blank values only, there is no data returned. If I select "exclude" and choose all of the other values, I receive the same result.

    I can see that there are a lot of orders without a channel but cannot filter for these without creating a beastmode. I have seen this with string, date, and numeric values. The easiest way to reproduce this is by using the "selection" filter instead of the "range" filter

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    I am also experiencing this. It does seem like a bug to me because it leads to inconsistent and confusing behavior for the end user. For example, when I create a checkbox selector card on a field that contains null values, selecting anything other null impacts all cards on the page (assuming all cards built on the same dataset) but selecting the null checkbox has zero impact on the other cards. For all intents and purposes it looks like Domo is broken. As indicated in another thread, this can be addressed with Beast Mode or in a dataflow but from where I sit that's extra work with no added value.

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    It's definitely an issue that gets a question in the community forum every couple weeks. +1 for this request for sure. Here's the first couple I found with a search:

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    @chris_schenk great idea, thanks for posting here. This is certainly a request we've heard before and is something we'd love to include in the product in the future.

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