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We are using DomoPublish and are using single value cards to show current metric values (last 7 days). Our users want to set alerts based on these metrics hitting certain thresholds. Right now, we need to create a new card for each of these indicator metrics so that they are Alert friendly. We would rather have our users be able to set alerts directly on these single value cards.

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    Thanks for submitting this idea @chris_schenk . It is my understanding that threshold alerts are definitely possible for subscribers. Can you help me better understand what is not alert friendly about the single value cards?

  • chris_schenk

    Thanks for the reply! We figured out how to set alerts. Because we were not displaying a summary number on the single value cards (the single value is itself a summary number), there was not a summary number to set an alert on. Our solution still feels like a workaround to set an alert based on the single value card: Create a summary number that matches the card value, remember to make sure these values always match, edit the dashboard/card to not show the summary number.