Add CTRL+click on cards to drill WITHOUT filtering

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I know it sounds a bit crazy.. but I'd love to be able to set up two use cases for drill paths..

  • EXISTING use case = drill and filter (done, great)
  • NEW Use case = CTRL+click on cards to drill WITHOUT filtering = this allows me to design a new view of the same data using a different card type to expose more details, yet keep the top page really clean and simple.. (example card 1 = Bar chart, card 2 = pivot table). In card 1 i show data by one high level dimension e.g. AccountType, but in card 2 I switch to a pivot table showing the SAME data by both AccountType and AccountSubType.. so the user can see more detail from the same hierarchy of data..

of course you can drill and then "unfilter", which I suspect happens alot.. but it would be much easier to have a CTRL+click option to drill WITHOUT any filtering.. allowing the user to explore the SAME data in much more detail & using different graph options..

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Thanks for sharing your idea! We're currently reviewing it for future enhancements. Stay tuned for updates! 👍