Add collapsible sections to "new" dashboard pages like the "old" standard pages

DuncanDomo Contributor
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When I first started to learn DOMO about a year ago, the training took us through the "old" standard pages and their collapsible sections (you could give a label and it had a "+" to expand or collapse).

I loved this feature.. please could we add it to  "new" dashboard pages as well..

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  • Bumping - great idea, would greatly improve the way we navigate through dashboards.

  • Bump this as well

  • Jessica
    Jessica Contributor

    I believe you are referring to card collection? So you want to be able to have a page that is both a card collection in one part and then a regular dashboard in another? Sounds cool

  • This would be a great improvement - because although you can filter - it would be nice to have a collapsible option especially for longer dashboards that don't work within a sub-dashboard setting.

    Or maybe remove have cards that don't produce data within the filtered range temporarily disappear. I'd be happy with either one just to get the information in a usable format.