Data Center Accounts Page Enhancements

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When you go to the Data Center and then to the Accounts page, it does not have the same functionality as the datasets and dataflows pages. Here a few enhancement requests.

  1. Add the ability to filter by owner and type. Right now, there is just a basic search that only lets you search by account name. Filtering by owner would be particularly helpful when you are needing to migrate things from a departed employee.
  2. Add the ability to sort. I'm not sure what order these accounts are in, but it definitely isn't alphabetical.
  3. Show all accounts. Despite being an admin, not all accounts show up unless they have been shared with you. However, you can use the DomoStats Accounts dataset to get a complete list of accounts that exist, so I'm not sure why they wouldn't all show here. Makes offboarding more difficult when you can't see all account.
  4. Add the ability to transfer owners. You can do this very easily on the datasets and dataflow pages in the data center. Access tokens and other credentials are not exposed even to the current owner, so you should be able to transfer owners so that you don't have to create new accounts because someone left the organization, or be forced to keep their account around since it is tied to a connector account.

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  • DataMaven

    Plus ability to select multiple accounts and do a bulk action.

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