Different Page Background Colors for DataFLOW page and DataSET pages

Canioagain Contributor
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Yes, I know I should know when I'm in a DataFLOW page vs. the DataSET page. But I don't. And it's confusing. Change the background page color when I'm on each so visually I don't have to look around to see where I'm at. Doesn't have to be bright crazy colors. Wouldn't that be helpful?

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  • LAFligg
    LAFligg Contributor

    Agreed! I add "Dataflow" or "Dataset" to the end of the description so that I can tell the difference 😉

  • brycec
    brycec Contributor

    We name all our DataFlows with the prefix DF: and all our DataSets with the prefix Output:, Input:, or View: so that we can tell the difference.

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