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We are trying to break-out of the habit of using list reports and Word Cloud is a great option for some of the reports we want to produce.

However, I'm really surprised that basic formatting options are not available. Are there any plans to change this?

Provide formatting options to:

1) Set the number of items to designate each tier of the Word Cloud (instead of the default tier values of 5 orange, 5 blue, and everything else gray).

2) Set the colors applied to each tier of the Word Cloud (let us pick colors, instead of being stuck with orange, blue, and gray).

3) Set the background color for the Word Cloud (instead of being limited to light blue).

4) Change the overall layout of the Word Cloud display. Provide other basic layout options. For example, instead of being limited to a horizontal layout, allow users to select a vertical layout, a linear top/bottom or bottom/top layout, or a basic shape layout like a circle, square, triangle, etc.

5) Use a field out of the dataset to control the color the Word Cloud contents...instead of picking the top 5 and making them orange, let me shade all the Projects in my Word Cloud associated with a specific Project Type attribute on my dataset. For example, all Projects in my Word Cloud with a Project Type = Tactic should appear in Green regardless of which of the 3 tiers they fall in.

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  • abucher

    Would love to know if there are any plans to add formatting options to the Word Cloud chart type.

  • Callen1

    +1 - especially on selecting the number of items assigned to each color