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I've had scheduled reports expire and have to keep resetting the expiration date. Most of my reports I want to be ongoing and not expire. Could we have the option to not set an expiration date?

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  • MichelleH

    This would be a great enhancement, especially since there is no notification when a report expires.

  • Casey_Dorman {Domo}

    I recently received the same request from a large enterprise account. Essentially in Scheduled Reports, users have to provide start date and end date, but no flexibility to move out end date (make open-ended) and/or no notification whey expiry is coming up before schedule expires.

    I've heard this request from several large enterprise customers. The request is to add the option to keep scheduled reports from expiring (leaving date range open-ended) or to auto-notify when Scheduled Reports are about to expire.

  • JasonAltenburg

    Both ideas here,

    Ability to set expirations to NEVER

    Notify Group / User when reports expire

    Would be tremendously useful in making the reports more useful.