API Tokens - Tracking Usage / Governance

GrantSmith Coach
edited March 14 in Domo Developer Ideas

From a security standpoint it'd be great to see when / where an API Token is being used. Alternatively give the activity log have a flag that a token was used vs a user logged in the system. When someone leaves there's no easy way to track which APIs are used and what needs to be changed.

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  • Can't agree with this enough. Offboarding is a pain for power users when you can't see this usage.

  • TannerGarrett
    TannerGarrett Domo Employee

    Thank you for submitting this Grant, I can definitely see the potential value here. I'll add this to our backlog to start discussing with the team.

  • John689
    John689 Member

    This would be immensely useful for maintenance and security. We are close to having an automated system to manage users but have not been comfortable implementing with this gap in our visibility.