Datediff per month


How can I show the datediff per month instead of per day.

I tried the following beastmode:


Can someone point me out what I am missing?

Thanks in advance


  • Hi @user046467

    You'll want to use PERIOD_DIFF instead of DATEDIFF:


    Returns the number of months between months in two date columns. For this to work, the date values must be months in the format YYYYMM.

    PERIOD_DIFF('Month 1', 'Month 2')

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  • Hey @user046467,

    I would use something like:

    period_diff(date_format(`date_stage_changed`, '%Y%m'),date_format(`date_created`, '%Y%m'))

    This will get the number of months between two dates without having to make sure they are in the correct format to begin with.



  • What's the data format of the column you're operating on?

    I tend to use TIMESTAMPDIFF(month, `date1`,`date2`) in mySQL flows.