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Enable YOY (or other period-over-period calculations) as a table. Example below.

This can be done in bar and line charts, for a table one must use a series of beast modes. This also then means you can't use the date filters buttons effectively.


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  • You can use the Flex Table card to do this. You can adjust what is displayed in each column so that you don't see a bar or line graph, but the actual numbers.

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  • user043548

    @MarkSnodgrass - Apologies for the really late response, and thank you for the reply.

    How are you getting % Change YOY from that? I only have options to calculate % change against either the first or the penultimate value, neither of which are "last year". Do you have to aggregate the dataset some weird way? If so, then how do you use the data filters to toggle between YTD / MTD / Last Month etc?

    Here's another example, this one uses sales channel instead of month as the group:

    The Flex Table option in the POP section would work if it allowed grouping, but it doesn't.

    The Flex Table in the Tables section would work if it allowed POP comparisons, but it doesn't.

    I've asked Domo support, still no solution. What am I missing here?

    Thank you!

  • LiliRestrepo

    I agree 100%, I work with a lot of financial data and I need to calculate the variations PoP on a beast mode or on a ETL process, but since I use Fiscal Year sometimes gets messy. And I don't want to see the graph as in a Flex Table :(

  • user043548

    Thanks @LiliRestrepo - agreed!

    I use the beast mode method too but it doesn't work with the Date Filters (the drop down used to select Month to Date or This Year etc.)

    I'm really surprised this is not simpler to do in Domo!