Improved Error Handling in Analyzer

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If the column names of a dataset change, the Analyzer does not show you where the problem is if the column name change affected a beast mode calc. Instead, you receive this generic message.

This requires you to go through every beast mode that is being used on the card and click validate within the beast mode editor each time until you find it.

It would be a great enhancement if the error message could identify which beast mode is the problem.

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Thanks for sharing your idea! We're currently reviewing it for future enhancements. Stay tuned for updates! 👍


  • GrantSmith

    I’d like to see more detailed errors all throughout the Domo product so I can try and diagnose problems easier instead of having to submit support tickets. You could even make it a flag each instance could enable if they wish.

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  • MichelleH

    @MarkSnodgrassAgreed! You can search for invalid calculations in Beast Mode Manager. Troubleshooting would be so much easier with similar functionality within Analyzer.