Automatic assignment of colors

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I'd like to have the option in the Colors settings to have values automatically assigned to colors within the palette. I often have many values to assign colors to within a category, and it would definitely save some time for Domo to assign the colors for me, and allow me to change/edit them afterwards if I need to.

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  • This! Also it would be nice if you could select to apply color to a measure or an attribute. For example on a horizontal bar graph, I want all the bars to be the same color, so I assign it to the measure. On a stacked bar chart, pie chart, etc. I want the attribute to assign a color to each unique value. I agree with Sean that it would be awesome to create a palette and assign it to a dataset as the default colors then customization could be as needed.

  • Here is a related request (Custom Color Range) that is gaining some steam. Upvote so it can gain some attention. Thanks!