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elicohen Contributor

I work in an org that depends on Google's suite for business applications (sheets, docs, slides). I would love an equivalent of the "Domo PowerPoint plug-in" for Google Slides.

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  • cmassey0806

    If I could vote up on this idea more than once, I totally would. Great idea!

  • MonicaConnell

    I would love this as well!

  • cadellfalconer
    cadellfalconer Domo Product Manager

    I'm throwing my vote against this too.
    I will also monitor the votes for this and raise up with leadership once we have critical mass.

    Cadell Falconer
    Domo - Senior Technical Product Manager
    Ecosystem, Domo Free & Office Addins
  • elicohen
    elicohen Contributor

    For anyone that can't wait, here's a workaround:

    1. Used the Domo - Excel Integration to access the data in cards
    2. Use Zapier to copy the Excel spreadsheet and convert it to Google Sheets
    3. Use the IMPORTRANGE() formula in a different sheet to copy the information, chart it and then copy those charts or tables into your Google Slide…

    After it's set up - Update your Google Slides: 1) Update all the data in your Excel workbook. 2) Hit refresh on the Google Slides (each viz/table, unfortunately)

  • p1390
    p1390 Member

    This would be a great asset. A lot of companies rely on google products for sheets/slides and reserve Microsoft licenses only for the finance team

  • jhorey
    jhorey Member

    We're developing a solution for this at Slideform. You basically authorize your Domo dashboard, select which charts/tables/metrics you'd like to incorporate into your presentations, and then schedule the updates. Overall it's a bit different than the "plugin" method but the overall accomplishes the same thing (and may even be simpler in many cases). Give us a shout if you'd like to learn more!