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Would like to be able to set different fonts (i.e. Archivo, Roboto, Orbitron, etc.) to match our branding.

Would be great if we could set a different default font.

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  • 100% this!

  • Agreed! The current font does not represent our company's brand well. Having the option to select from multiple fonts AND upload new fonts for our brand would be wonderful.

  • I'm in total agreement with everyone on this thread. Not having the ability to even change the size of a font, much less the font itself, provides a sub-par branding experience and is very limiting when building dashboards. @DOMO_Dan Thoughts on implementing this functionality?

  • To some extent, it is implemented, but costs extra. There are limitations to where the custom fonts can appear:

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  • Also, the Font set in Brand Kit should be also set in any Excel export.

  • Are there any updates to allowing different fonts and chancing the font sizes?