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It would be great if users of cards could use their browser's Find... feature (or a Domo-built search box) for finding text within, for example, a large Table card. I've been tinkering with the "Embed Card" functionality to create my own .html pages to overcome this, but since my homemade pages aren't hosted on the domain, I'm not able to use many of the javascript/jquery/etc. solutions due to the Same Origin Policy of most browsers.  Can table cards be set up to load their contents in a searchable way in addition to displaying the info?



  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    you want to search multiple columns or the same column?  b/c ATM you can defo use a filter card with checkboxes to many long text values.


    if you want to search across multiple columns you'd have to build a custom app for that b/c your app would have to 1) combine multpile columns / search across multiple sets of values, THEN when you select "This is what i want" the filter app would have to communicate back to Domo where the data originated from.


    Not impossible... but definitely something not baked into User Experience yet.

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  • RBGatTGTandBE

    Yeah, filtering isn't useful for the specific card I'm working with, because my items are sorted by sales rank, and they'd like to be able to search for a specific item and see not only that item, but the items that are ranked close to the one they're searching.  Right now, they have to sort by the Item Name, view the Rank Value, then re-Sort by Rank Value, and scroll to the spot on the report where the item is (obviously, filtering would work similarly).  So we have a workaround, but being able to use the browser's Find on Page feature would definitely be more intuitive.

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