Counting number of user per card in data governance datasets

Hi Team,

User A had created a page with 5 cards and shared 3 cars with user B from the page. I need to see the data for user B has 3 cards shared with him from the data governance datasets.


Please suggest the datasets that need to be created as explained above.






  • Domo Governance has Pages and Users (tells you which users have access to which pages)

    Domo Governance has Pages and Cards (tells you which cards are on a page)

    Domo Stats Activity Log (which will log card shares)


    None of those are exactly what you asked for, but you could JOIN them together to give you a dataset that gets you close.


    What do you want to do with this information?  If you want to automate card sharing, you can script it using P&U + P&C.  If you want to monitor what's being used, the fact that a card is shared does not mean that it's being viewed, so Activity Log may be more important.

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  • Puneet
    Puneet Member

    Thanks  @jaeW_at_Onyx 

    We need to monitor cards which card is shared to which user, based on this we need to create monitoring cards, for this we have created below datasets using domo governance data connector.


    1) Data Governance Card
    2) Data Governance Pages and Cards
    3) Data Governance Pages and Users
    4)Data Governance Users


    But we could not find the shared card details  being captured in these datasets. So we have the following queries.

    1. Does shared card information is captured in any of these datasets ?

    2. If Yes,In which datasets we can capture this information ?