Renaming of columns in Datasets without destroying cards


Dear Domo-Crowd,


we are starting a project to rename measures and dimensions in our datasets. Basically we need to clean up our measure/dimension-namings. As Domo-Cards use the names of the measures/dimensions as identifications, this would screw up all our cards. I was wondering if anyone in this community already went through this process and can share his experience?

This is the procedure, that we we want to go for: 
1. Create new datasets with the final measure/dimension-names and a mapping from old_measure/dimensions -> new_measure/dimensikon

2. Download the json-files for all cards via API and change the datasource and apply old_measure_name -> new_measure_name. 

3. Upload the changed cards to the Pages. 


-> We did a similar process already and experienced problems with breaking different formats in the cards (sorts, filters, colours...). To avoid this the next time I am currently "studying" the JSON-file, which is created via API "backup-card" to find out where and how all information is stored. 
I was not able to find any further documentation on these JSON-files, if someone has more knowledge about or can share some documentation with me, he would made my day. 


So, I would be interested if someone had the same issue and solved it differently. 
Or if someone of you already went through an intense studying of the JSON-file from "back-up card" and can share his findings. 

Thanks a lot!


  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    that would be the method.


    one thing you could consider, is create a DatasetView that sits between your dataset and the cards, and treat the view as a 'semantic layer'  (friendly spellings etc.) that way if you ever change the underlying dataset then you just have to update the view instead of the dataset.


    also, it is a pita to migrate 'all the cards' so maybe earmark just cards that are actually being used / viewed.  it may be a pain to set up this monitoring / governance datasets / reporting, but it'll minimize the work you have to do AND give you tools moving forward to archive / manage old content

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