Pick Filters to Include in Drill Path

mkozai Member
edited February 2023 in Other Ideas

It is a very nice feature that a drill path will include all the filters form the parent card.  However, that is not always a desireable action.  It would be very helpful if you could pick the filters you want to bring to the lower level and what filters you want to leave behind.  In many cases you can remove the unwanted filters, however this requires work and memory by the user as to what they need to remove. It would be preferrable if you could pick what filtes come forward.


In the case of date range, this sometimes can not be altered.  Consider the following: 


Top Level Card: A card that shows weekly sales for this year.  When you see a spike you like to first see what customer caused that spike so you drill

Drill Card 1: Next level card will show sales by customer for that week.

Drill Card 2: Next level card will show you historical sales for a single customer.  However those sales numbers would be limited to the current year because of the date filter on the top level card.  In this case I believe it is impossible for a user to alter this. 


So it would be nice to be able to configure what filters/constraints the lower level cards will inherit. 

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