Table Subtotal Sorting Enhancements

MichelleH Coach
edited February 2023 in Other Ideas

I've seen this topic discussed in a previous post without much traction, but it would be useful to have more flexibility in sorting tables with subtotals. For example, consider sales detail data:


Sales Order Number    Ship Date    Line Item Number    Quantity    Amount

1234B                            6/13/20         XM145                       3                 $27.00

1234B                            6/13/20         ABC35                       2                 $16.50

1239G                            4/10/20        TR261                       5                 $60.00




It would be helpful to be able to sort a table with Sales Order Number subtotals by the most recent Ship Date since each order would have a single ship date. Currently the functionality only allows for us to sort alphabetically by Sales Order Number, which limits our ability to prioritize upcoming shipments.


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