Rename Columns on Sumo Card

Cartergan Contributor
edited February 2023 in Other Ideas

i feel it would be of great benefit if we were able to rename columns on a sumo card while editing the card.


Currently, I have a table card that I transformed over to a sumo card so it could have the pivot table feel/freezing the first column. However, most of the columns are beast modes. I know I can go through and change the name of the beast modes, but they are being used on other cards as well and the names they currently have are good descriptors, but not presentable column names. 


It would be great to have the ability to rename columns on a sumo card the same way as a table card. 



  • Cartergan
    Cartergan Contributor

    Scratch this. I am now using the beta of Mega Tables and Pivot Tables which allow me to do what I needed!

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