OneDrive Connector Authentication


I have a user that tried to use the OneDrive connector. After entering his email he gets the following message: "That Microsoft account doesn't exist. Enter a different account or get a new one." This can't be right because he is able to use the email to login to his onedrive. Also, the documentation for the connector says that if you are currently logged in to OneDrive it will authenticate automatically. We tried that and it didn't do anything automatically. It still asked for his credentials. He entered his email and got the same message. Has anyone else seen this before?



In the connector documentation it says "To connect to your Microsoft account and create a OneDrive DataSet, you must have a Microsoft username and password."


In Microsoft's documentation I found this: "Are you trying to use a work or school account? Work or school accounts can feel a lot like Microsoft accounts because you use them to sign in to Microsoft apps and services like Outlook or Office 365. But these accounts are restricted from services like the Microsoft account website."


Does this mean that if I have OneDrive through a work account that this connector won't work?