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Here is a short video overview of the idea I have here.  


One of the most frequent questions I get from users in my instance of Domo is, "is there a way I can save multiple versions of page filters and use them later?"  


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  • @swagner I want to be able to make videos like you some day.  Really excellent!!!  Of course - the idea is great, too!

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  • swagner
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    Thanks @DataMaven let me know if you want to collaborate.  

  • This is great!!!


    CC @codysirwin 

  • Swank
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    Scott Wagner...Awesome idea. That would be a boost to productivity when going thru multiple cards or pages. I like it!

  • I love it. Allows us to zero in on what's important to us without repetitive filtering.

  • Would be a great time saver, and quality/consistency tool.  Great idea!

  • If you know the fields and the values that people are requesting to save the filters as, there is a sort of work around by using a table card with html coding to pass filters on to a new page.


    Basically, you need to have a separate column for each field you want to filter, and a row for each combination of values.  


    You can then write a beastmode to apply those selections as filter values to a destination page in Domo.  Here is the beastmode:

    CONCAT('<a href=''['
    -- Replace 2142867627 with target page id

    -- Page filters to pass to landing page

    -- If applying multiple filters, all but the last value needs the comma at the end. remove the comma from the last field you are wanting to filter

    -- target="_blank" causes the page to open in new tab
    ,']'' target="_blank" title="Open in Domo">','Value to Display as Link','</a>'
    -- Replace 'Value to Display as Link' with what you want the link to say

    This is a bit clunky, but would let you apply preset filters with the click of a button.

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  • swagner
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    @ST_-Superman-_  Thanks for the detailed info, I am sure this will come in handy for me and others. 


    I have played around with this kind of linking a bit, but I'm not sure it allows enough flexibility for my users.  In my instance my users come up with all kinds of combinations of filter that they want to see on a regular basis.  Having the capability to save filters as, and then re-apply when they need, and switch to another saved set of filters would be powerful.

  • without a doubt this is one of my comapany's biggest asks. The ability to save Page Filters would be an incredible help

  • Hi all - we are close to releasing a beta version of filters that will allow you to create and save combinations of filters + values into any number of personalized filter views that can be shared on the page. This will give you considerably more flexibility to easily switch context between multiple filter views, as well as give you a way to surface important aspects of the data to other people. If you are interested in joining the beta, please use this link to sign up.


    Josh Millheim

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  • See note from @Millhouse 


  • @Millhouse How exciting! Any idea of when we can expect a general release?

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