Certification Symbol next to Card Title

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Hello ,

got following response from domo to my question above and hence posting it in Idea Exchange as well.


Hi Deepika,

Thank you for contacting Domo Technical Support.

At this time there is no way to enable this. This would be a great option going forward with certified content. You can submit this Enhancement Request to our Product team using the Feedback button in the Main Menu of your Domo instance.

Our product team reviews every enhancement request submitted and will contact you about it. Please let us know how else we can assist with this ticket.

Thank you,

Domo Technical Support




Is there any way to show the certification status next to card title once the certification request process began? Meaning right now when the owner sends request for certification, the symbol shows grey with the status"request pending" , but this symbol shows up only when you maximise the card. Is there any way to show the symbol next to the card title (applicable even for small card size) ?



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