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It would be a great help if we could set a default selection for filter type cards when designing a dashboard. 


Being able to set a default of something like 'This Month' on the date filter card (or the other filter cards) would make designing the pages much easier and user friendly. 

Currently users need to select multiple filter options to achieve a certain view that we should be able to give them to start. If they had that view and could then remove the defaults to explore the data, it would be much easier for them to use.

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  • Really necessary, on my instance, the users wouldn't use the new filtering capabilities if we don't have defaults, this feature, would allow us to remove about 200 duplicated cards across 12 pages and consolidate in just one or two main pages with filters.

  • Jeffsnake
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    the page level date range selector is almost unusable until you guys can allow us to select defaults... just too clunky for me to give to our execs.


    Dani - Any movement on this?




  • @Jeffsnake 

    I will get this in front of the product team to see when this may be possible.

    Thanks for your patience!

  • LP
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    +1 on this, my org likes the radio button filters on dashboards a lot but the higher-ups don't like that there's no default. (There kind of is, but it's just all options together.)

  • I'm not sure if this initiative has had any traction, but our org is in need of this solution.   I've also found having ability to select a default setting in the slicer card is necessary for multiple dashboards where I want to choose "written or delivered" business.  The current setup is very clunky as I need a default view that does not show both values initially.

  • PWeed
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    Please add this functionality!!!  

  • Agree to everything here. With any filter (radio, slicer, etc.) page editors need the ability to specify the default state of the slicer, as opposed to it defaulting to include all values. For example, the entire point of a radio button is that users can only select one option, but by default radio buttons display all options until the user selects one.

  • user08845
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    I would also like this functionality to have default selction on a radio card filter.  I have a dataset that uses 2 Collapse Columns Transforms.  I do this to create dynamic bubble charts that can be changed by 2 filters.  1 for the x-axis, one for the y-axis.  If one of the radio filters is not selected it will multiply the results by the number of options.  I need a way to make sure at least 1 filter is always selected. 

  • +1 for us as well.


    We use the same filters 90% of the time, and wish that came pre-loaded when looking at a Page without having to lose the ability to add the additional options the 10% of the time we want them.

  • +1 adding to the pile here, surprised this still hasn't been added 

  • I have on decent authority that this feature is on the road map and coming to a Beta / Release soonish.

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  • +1  Still waiting on this!  Without it there's no 'good' way to filter my dashboard to show the past 2 weeks by default.  The only option I really have is to add a page level filter on a beastmode which is a pretty awful solution when I also have a date-preset filter at the top of the dash.

  • Do you have a plan and timeline for adding default values?

    Could this lack of defaults be circumvented by passing an argument to an embedded dashboard?

  • @user092697  ask your CSM about the Filter Views beta.

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