Mobile app Page Filter Improvement for dissimilar datasets

Billobi Contributor
edited February 2023 in Other Ideas

The ability in the website for page filters to work across all cards/datasets that contain the similar field name has been wonderful.  I have one dashboard where a majority of the cards/datasets change based on page filter, but intentionally have a couple cards that stay static regardless of page filter (because they're based on different dataset without the filtered field).  However, this ability doesn't seem to work the same in the mobile app.


I've found in the mobile app that the page filter will take the selected field and filter it against all cards/datasets, whether the field is present in the card's dataset or not.  This causes a card to not display any data if it's based on a dataset that doesn't use the page filtered field.  It feels like the mobile page filter just needs a bit more capability to operate on par with the page filtering available on the website.


Thank you!


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