Copy a dataset?


I know that DOMO allows for copying of dataflows, but wondering if there is anyway to copy a dataset? This is a big ask for us because our GA instance uses several if we pull in one master GA dataset for the "All User" segment if we want to use the same metrics but now add a segment to the data we need to repull the entire dataset. Having the ability to copy would save a step so that we can copy everything and just add in the segment we want to use.


  • Billobi
    Billobi Contributor

    There's not an option out there to have a mirrored dataset, but you can accomplish nearly the same thing with a transform-less ETL.


    Just setup magic ETL with an Input Dataset and an Output Dataset.  Set the ETL to run anytime the Input Dataset is updated.  You can then use your Output Dataset as if it's a copy of the original (as long as the ETL's runtime is reasonable enough for your needs).  If you're looking at doing some work with adding or filtering segments, you could do that in the same ETL as well.


  • deannamoore

    Like the idea of using an ETL to make these changes, the only problem is that the segments we would have to use are segments specific to GA. So, unless we bring in the fields that are used in the GA segment we cannot filter out in the master data set