Are Data Labels for Custom Charts working for anyone? My Hover Text is working...


Data Labels under Properties is pretty straight forward. For some reason they do not show up in the Custom Charts we have created. Is this not working for everyone?


  • Valiant

    Just tested this on our end. I'm seeing that the Custom Maps that were prepopulated from Domo do show the data label, but any map I add, the data labels do not appear.


    Hope that helps,



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  • AlexRomanoColts

    Yea hope they get those to work! Also is there any way in the SVG file to have an image that is not effected by the heatmap and just an image?



  • Ops
    Ops Member

    Hi Alex,

    Not sure if you've figured this out already, but I found out the hard way.


    Any object that has an ID attrinbute, Domo will interpret that is a highlightable region.


    Now using Inkscape to create SVG files, Inkscape likes to auto-populate IDs for you.

    However, if you save your file as an "Optimised" SVG file it does remove the unreferenced IDs.

    Or you'll need to use some text editor (Ultraedit) to remove it manually.


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