How to erase the contents of an existing dataset without deleting it?

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I'm quite new to Domo so my apologies in advance if I've missed something obvious...


I'm using the Streaming API to create several datasets and pushing data to them from our internal systems.  All these datasets use the "APPEND" option as we will incrementally push transactions and other data to these datasets over time.


Based on these datasets, I'm now creating derived datasets and cards to display the data.


So far so good.  Except that I discovered that I needed to delete the existing contents of a dataset and re-upload it due to a bug in my code.  There doesn't appear to be any way of erasing the contents of an existing dataset -- the only way I could find to do that is to delete the entire dataset, which also appears to delete any cards based on the dataset that gets deleted.  Yikes -- now I've just lost a bunch of work I've done setting up cards based on my dataset.


I tried creating a dataflow to erase the existing dataset, but dataflows require you to choose a new unique output dataset, not an existing one.


How can I erase the contents of a dataset without deleting it?


One idea I had was possibly to update the schema to change it from "APPEND" to "REPLACE", upload an empty set of data, and then change it back to "APPEND" again.  But I'm not sure if Domo's APIs let us change how data gets uploaded to the dataset.


Any other suggestions or clues would be most welcome!


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 - Erik.


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