Getting a 500 error when querying /v1/datasets/id/data




When I attempt to query a specific dataset using 


I get a 500 response with an Internal Server Error. I've been able to get the dataset list for a valid id, but once I try to hit the endpoint above, it errors out. Can I get some support?




  • Have you reached out to your local Domo administrator as there may be some configuration that needs to be addressed here?


    Otherwise you may need Domo support to look at your specific instance.


    Which platform are you trying to connect to with your API as there may be something hat has to be tweaked to connect and pull data on their end as well?



  • user03274

    Thank you for the response! I have, and they appear to have a similar issue. I've opened up a support case with Domo since its returning a 500 error which would seem to indicate something is wrong on the server side.