Two Tables Side-By-Side


Brand new to Domo trying to copy over some of our existing dashboards from our previous BI platform.


What I have in this view and am having a hard time replicating is 2 side by side tables. One table has a list of customers and their total ad spend. To the right of that is a list of all their campaigns and individual performance. Our previous platform allowed you to click on a row on the left hand side and it woudl filter both tables, is there an easy way to duplicate this? 


We are asking this way as an adtech company we need to be able to look at performance across everyone quickly, then drill down in the same view. 


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    A couple of things come to mind when trying to recreate the scenario you mentioned.


    Visually, the only way I can think of to have 2 separate tables would be to create a custom app: 

    This would be the most work and the clickable functionality might be tricky to code, although you might be able to use something like a dropdown for your selections and then have the rest of the visual update.


    The easier ways to do this would be to either:

    1. Have the first "Selection" table on your main card and then create a sub-page for your second table. This way you could setup drill-downs to your second table and can work back and forth as needed.


    2. You could also setup all the information needed on one table and then use the Domo "filter" option.


    From there you can filter on the column you would normally be clicking on. 


    Just let me know if you'd like me to expound in more detail on any of these options.


    Hope this helps!


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  • There is currently a feature within a card called quick filters.  Domo is currently working on a "page" quick filter that would allow you to apply these quick filters to all of the cards on a page.  However, the current process for accomplishing this requires some extra clicks and does not look quite as clean.  


    You will need to turn on the page filters and add a filter for customer.  Apply the filter you want, click apply and then save filters to page.  That will filter any cards on the page with that field.1.png











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