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I ran into an issue using the Twitter Quickstart. Wanted to share as I bet others need this fix.


The Quickstart comes with a card called Best Times to Tweet. The X axis is market (UTC), and the Beast Mode that comes out of the box called "Hours of Day (UTC)" takes the field 'Created By' and formats it into h:mm -- which comes in UTC. (Glad for the labels..or I wouldn't have caught this problem!)


Original: DATE_FORMAT(`Created At`,'%h:00 %p')


My users are in EST, but the default on these cards is UTC... so it makes the data show two hours delayed. The best time for us to tweet is 6pm, and it was being visualized at 8pm. Though it's labeled UTC on the X axis, the card is laid out on the Quickstart page as a small tile, so you don't see the X axis unless you click into the card or decide to bump it up in size. Very very easy to hover over the tower, see 8:00 PM, and assume that is the best time to tweet per your OWN data. 


Once I caught the issue, support helped me craft this beast mode as a workaround so the data is now visualized accurately -- I changed the beast mode to:


DATE_FORMAT(DATE_SUB(`Created At`, INTERVAL 2 HOUR),'%h:00 %p') for anyone using these Apps, I recommend checking on ANY cards that visualize a time of day and use this or a similar Beast Mode calculation to shift the time stamps into your preferred interval. 


I hope Domo will look into this. I think the "Quickstart" label becomes a misnomer the more you have to tweak the out of the box product. This one is a small issue, but not insignificant.

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