Custom App Designs now support Responsive Design

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This new feature is available for Custom App designs built through the Dev Studio or by modifying the code from a design built from the Design Studio.


If you want you to build your app so that it is responsive, you can enable the ‘fullpage’ property in your manifest file. When this property is enabled the iFrame that contains the Custom App will resize as the browser window size changes. This resizing is for the card Details view. You as a developer will need to respond to the resizing events and adjust your app’s presentation accordingly. Custom Apps that do not have the ‘fullpage’ property set to ‘true’ will have the iFrame size remain constant. The ‘fullpage' property retains the Domo header, navigation, and card action options.  In addition, any information displayed in the footer is available by scrolling to the bottom of the Custom App.  


The `fullpage` property consists of a boolean value.




  "name": "My fullpage app",

  "fullpage": true



More information can be found in the developer portal under the manifest.json reference section.

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