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  • Hi As, Issue is 2nd line of your's that I have that column added to filter on but you don't believe you have all of the values in that column available to select, as though Domo is limiting the options? Regards Priya @AS wrote:Hi Priya Can you clarify that question for me? Are you saying you have a card onto which you've…
  • Hi DataMaven, Thank you for sharing this code. I can use it in my Dashboard. Regards Priya Raj @DataMaven wrote:Hello @user18811 - Did my response meet your needs? I am close to my next badge for solutions, and would love to earn it before Domopalooza! Thanks!
  • Yes, You are right ST_-Superman-_. Changing name of field has helped me to resolve this. Thank you very much. Regards Priya Raj