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  • Creating a new Beast Mode with concat() worked, thank you!
  • Thanks, it worked like a charm! Now, the problem is that my summary number is far more prominent than the actual card title. Is there a way to play with the font size/boldness? It looks like this now which I find ridiculous: Card Name Drill down 1 level by clicking
  • I've created a beast mode that was sorted under Category fields because it's a concatenation. I've also created a beast mode Value containing only a numeric value of the code you provided: [(sum(`Value`)+1)-sum(`Value`)]. Still, when I click on Edit Summary Number -> Show More Options, I don't see any of the created beast…
  • It is definitetly not the first issue, since the column is of datatype 'STRING'. Keep in mind that other rows (and even some with a hashtag) upload without any problems. Also, I have the 'Replace Invalid cells with NULL values' checked, so that shouldn't be the issue. Since the last time I tried converting the file to xls…
  • I meant a schema by 'master file', i.e. an empty dataset with only a header attached. It will stay empty until someone appends another data set to it.