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  • Hi, I have been trying to get the YTD and MTD values in DOMO SQL with NO SUCCESS MonthYearValues1-Jan-2018231-Feb-2018321-Mar-2018411-Apr-2018541-Jun-2018211-Jul-201811 The data looks like above, Kindly help me in achieving YTD and MTD Values Thanks in advance
  • Actually, anything should do, till the time it is showing two comparisons vividly So a chart showing - Actuals vs Forecast Montly - Actuals vs Forecast YTD Please suggest if it is possible to achieve this in DOMO Thanks
  • You are right, I need both these comparisons in the same chart
  • If I use the second option of keeping the date column as is (String), in the quick filter it is sorted based on the Alphabets The result that comes out is in this order Dec-17, Feb-18, Jan-18... The dates should be arranged chronologically
  • Thanks for the quick reply The solution you suggested worked ! The dataset I have is aggregated at monthly level and I need to use this field in the quick filter with Months starting from Nov, 2017 till March, 2018 The quick filter should have values such as Nov, 17, Dec,17, till Mar,18 Kindly suggest if it is possible