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  • Great. Unfortunately when I go to data center and try to copy, it only gives me the top 3 options that you have in your screenshot. The ETL I am trying to copy is created by me. Any idea why or is this a capability I would need to ask Domo Support to add for me.
  • Is there a way to bold only parts of the text? That ends up bolding the entire text and I want to only bold the number that comes from the formula in the text. Thanks
  • Adjusting the size in the Dashboard does fit all the columns slightly where I can get everything to fit but then the card size is looks uneven compared to the rest of the dashboard. Seems like the choice I have is either uneven card sizes to fit all the columns or having even sized cards that is missing columns. I did…
  • Ashleigh, that seems to work with a standard page but not the dashboard page. I have tried adjusting the options like how you have but still not showing all the columns. It is still hiding the last column in my previous example.
  • Wrap to text unfortunately does not work. The column width is always set to the card size. In my dashboard these two cards are supposed to have 4 columns showing but only the first 3 are showing due to the spacing and width of the columns being set by the card. Ideally would like ot have all the columns showing by…
  • Great. That helps. I believe that is what the issue is.
  • Sorry, not sure I understand when you mean drag a fresh input data tile. I tried clicking and dragging everything but always pops up the same select columns menu. I deleted and re-added the same data input but the tile name changed to the file name.
  • 1. Currently using Beta 2. No page filters 3. Simple Gauge and bar graphs. I have other bar graphs and gauges that are on the same layout that are showing the summary number. I found that rebuilding the card from scratch will show the summary number but if there is an easier soluation that would be great.
  • Is it possible to show more than one year? I would like to show 2018 full progression and 2019 resetting at 0.