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  • So yea that is the problem. Going foward it is no issue to break it up. The problem is the data is already in there and nowhere else so I need the data to come out of Domo. I can fix it very easy coming in but the data loss is the issue I am trying ot find a solution to. Any ideas? Thanks very much
  • how can I break it up? That's exactly what I am trying to do but it doesn't work. I tried seperating into cards with no luck @Property_Ninja wrote:Without seeing the actual history of your dataflow, I am assuming the timeout is happening on the actual loading of the dataset, not on the query itself, correct? If this is the…
  • Hi I tried simple queries but nothing works and times out. Have you a suggestion on querying pieces of the dataset? Something similiar to querying partitions in big query would be nice. I have a few billion rows Thanks and much appreciated