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  • The fix pushed fixed the import issue. We're getting every column name appended with fields_'fieldname' so I'm going to submit as feedback since we had a user report (and you can all upvote!!) but basically it's functional now.
  • We're having the same issue. Opening a ticket with support. Any updates would be appreciated!
  • I submitted this request through support and recieved the following: At this time, the Domo Metrics DataSets are being retired in favor of the Domo Stats DataSets. I was able to register for the Domo Stats DataSets in open Beta by completing a survey.
  • The issue resolved the next time the source file was reported. This has happened in the past. We will continue to monitor and report when it occurs.
  • I'm having a similar issue where an entire file (128,608 rows) is rendered in a table card. I do get the "Warning: Not all the data is shown." message but by giving the users three filters, they are able to filter and search for the appropriate record. Since the last upgrade, the corresponding filter values show up in the…