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  • Thanks @Valiant @DataMaven. That is very helpful. Unfortunately, I think we are stuck with the current set up we have. We wouldn't want to reduce the roles of the other admin, just want to restrict their access to some reports. I guess we will have to wait until the business unit segmentation features come out. Thanks…
  • In the new analyzer, it should appear under Chart Properties if you are using a Table Card. 
  • On a Sumo Card, you can select the "..." next to the name of the field on the Sumo Table and you will be able to sort the data in the column that you choose. 
  • If you create a Table Card in Domo, you can select "Total Row" under the Properties section and then check the box for "Show Total Row". This will add a total row to your table. You can also add subtotal rows if you have multiple categories in your table.