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  • Thank you. the CLient ID seems to identify an API is used, this is a good start. I'll need to do more digging and see if there's something similar for CLI as well
  • I should elaborate more. I'd like to see details on the API users in an instance and also data on the API connection, specifically writebacks. Information on datasets and perhaps data the API is collecting.
  • Hey Mark, Yes, this will work! However, I realized the dataset is a weekly update, meaning the currdate function will not work. Is a function available that grabs the last/most current date in the dataset? John
  • Thanks Mark, it worked! One thing - instead of a filter tile I used Group By and added the sql statement mentioned above in the Formula box. Thanks again!
  • I'm using it in a FORMULA tile within ETL. the / symbol is part of the error output
  • Seems each formula works separately... STR_TO_DATE(`After -`,'%-d %b') Error - "Failed to parse date/time: error at near character 0 in string /30 Aug/" STR_TO_DATE(`After -`,'%d %b') Error - "Failed to parse date/time:error at near character 0 in string /9 Aug/"
  • Apologies, I'm new to formulas and statements. How can I combine the two formulas so the single digit and double digit appear in the column?
  • Yes, that seems to work for the single digits but not for the double digits, so it's just a matter of combining the two formulas - %d and %-d. Thank you!
  • OK, I've narrowed it down to the number of characters representing the day. Both formulas work until it hits the single digit representing the day, so it works for 30 Aug but it crashes at 9 Aug
  • That worked! Thank you s much
  • I'm getting the same error after I apply the beastmode to my card An issue has occurred during processing. We are unable to complete the request at this time.