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  • Hi @user066894, Unfortunately, from what I can see on my end, there is still no functionality to change the owner of a scheduled report. Whoever schedules the report has the control over it and one must contact that person to change it or make a new one for example if additional users want to be added. Best, Nick
  • Hey @user046467, I would use something like: period_diff(date_format(`date_stage_changed`, '%Y%m'),date_format(`date_created`, '%Y%m')) This will get the number of months between two dates without having to make sure they are in the correct format to begin with. Best, Nick
  • Hey, If I were to be going through this I would first look in the ETL and run a preview to see the output of each ETL tile (depending on the amount of data you have because it only shows a preview). You could spot duplicates or something looking off and know which tile needs to be edited. I would also go to your data…